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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Build Custom Homes With Plans We Bring, Or Just Your Plans?

Can We Modify Your Plans To Fit Our Needs?

Yes! We are happy to build semi-custom homes from our plans with your unique changes. Our in-house artist can make the changes in a drafting red-line meeting while you wait.

Do You Have Financing Options For Your New Construction Homes?

Yes, they include: 100% VA financing, 97.5% FHA financing, 95%, 90% or 80% Conventional Financing, and 65% Foreign National Financing.

Are There Specific Banks You Use For Each Of The Specific Loan Programs?

Yes, the type of loan that best fits your needs will determine the bank we refer you to. Each bank has their own specific programs they offer, and those programs change annually, if not quarterly.

If I Have A Real Estate Agent, Does He Or She Need To Visit The Community With Me?

Yes, if you choose to work with a real estate agent, your agent is required to accompany and register with you during your first visit to the Welcome Home Center.

Why Do You Offer “Allowances” In Your Contract For Fill, Site Work And Permit And Impact Fees?

Each parcel of land is unique in its elevation, clearing, site work requirements and permitting and impact fee costs. We offer allowances so our clients have a realistic expectation of what the average 80x125 lot requires.

What Is A Lot Inspection And When Do You Do It?

Lot inspections have become popular recently among local custom home builders. Beattie Development, at no charge, performs your lot inspection one of two ways. First, we often suggest you include us in your lot purchase process. Narrow your choices down to 2-3 lots and let us check both out before writing up an offer. Whether you have a realtor or plan to use Beattie’s Realty Team for professional specialized guidance on land purchases, we are part of your team to help you make the best decision possible. Second, PRIOR to your contract we will go out and inspect your lot which allows Beattie Development to adjust the contract allowances as needed for site work etc.

How Long Does It Take You To Build A House?

From the time we receive a permit it takes approximately 5-7 months to construct a home. Larger homes do take longer than smaller homes on average.

How Do I Know What My Home Comes With?

In our home contracts we include two addendums, which will clearly outline everything that your house is fitted with. One, the specification sheet, model and floor plan – this is the starting point and shows exactly what comes with your house as it is contracted. It will also show the floor plan you choose. Second, is the upgrade addendum, this shows all of the upgrades you selected. Your upgrades will overrule anything that is found on your specifications sheet. Many times at contract signing a client will decide to add a few last minute items, those are added to the upgrades sheet.

Can I Save Money By Choosing Beattie Developments Stock Plans Instead Of Going Through The Custom Design Process?

It costs thousands of dollars to have a set of plans drawn up for your home, and so some people ask themselves: “If I just choose a set of existing plans, won’t I avoid the whole design process and save the time and money?” While this seems logical, we have to spend money for a new set of plans no matter what home you buy, unless you are keeping it 100% exactly as the prints show.

Here’s why: stock plans are designed to fit a general list of requirements to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. With a plan that’s this generic, you’ll usually find yourself trying to fit your family and your lifestyle into a home that wasn’t designed with you in mind. Building a custom home avoids having this unnecessary square footage in the first place, so while you may spend $3,000-$7,000 on a custom set of plans, you don’t have to build a home from a plan you like but that has 200 square feet more than you need. So if we can save you that 200 square feet, you’ve just avoided spending those monies.

When we begin our design/build process with a new client, we ask “How do you live your life? Describe an average day for you at home.” then through a long line of questioning, we will discover a design that works for you. When you sit down with our team, we’ll ask you questions such as “Do you have dogs? Do you like to cook? Do you grill outdoors? Do you drink wine? Might your mother in law ever come to live with you in the future?” and more. The answers to these questions help us come up with conclusions for your home’s design and layout such as “Add a nook in the kitchen for the dog dishes,” or “Need a big covered porch for entertaining around the grill,” and “Island in kitchen needs a wine chiller.” All these small considerations add up to the big picture of having a custom home designed with you in mind, without features you don’t need, or wasted space.

Can I Save Money By Doing Some Of The Work Myself?

It depends.

Sometimes, people misunderstand how costs are calculated when building a home, so they think that if they take a small portion of the work off the General Contractor’s plate, big bucks can be saved. In truth, there’s very little savings to be had by the kinds of tasks a homeowner is able to offer. Plus, it’s also important to remember that we as a builder are liable to build everything properly, and put a warranty on all of our work, so if we make a mistake, we fix it, at our cost. Whereas, if a home owner makes even a very small mistake, any of the intended costs savings could be lost, and the home owner would be liable to fix the mistake. Similarly, many people will say “I’m happy to take care of the painting,” not knowing that almost every trade comes into contact with paint, or is waiting for the painter, at some point.

The important question to ask yourself is, “What is my motivation for doing the work myself?” If your desire is to save money, then you might be surprised at the value we bring compared to what you think you’ll save by doing it yourself.

Does A Custom Home Cost More Than A Pre-Built Home?

Simple answer: it doesn’t have to. As long as you’re making a true apples-to-apples comparison, there’s no good reason why a custom home would have to cost any more than a “spec home”. Sometimes people confuse the word “custom” with “luxury.” Yes, we build homes that have “luxury” features in them, but that’s because the home owner wants them. All custom really means is “built the way you want,” so if you want a simple home, we can build you a simple home. If you want a small home, we can build you a small home. If you want a completely automated smart home, we can do that too. When we say custom, don’t think “expensive,” think “made to fit your specific needs.”

What Are The Steps In Building A New Custom Home?

The initial meeting usually occurs at our Model home.  At the model home we review the various floor plans and lots that meet your needs and lifestyle.  This is usually followed by a visit to our 1200 square foot design center. All the products that are featured in your new home are in the design center.

Once we have a floor plan and a lot picked out, we prepare a contract for the build.  After your attorney approves your contract, you sign the contract and pay a deposit for your home build.

At our next meeting we will red-line your floor plan so we can draw up your blueprints and home plan designs.  Once the blueprints are received from the architect, you will then begin the fun part of building your home.  You will meet with our design consultant and choose the products and finishes for your new home.  This is where you personalize our floor plan and really make it YOUR home.

When all your selections are approved, the building permit is ready and we receive the mortgage commitment from your bank, we are ready for site work and digging your home.  This usually occurs 45 days from the time you sign the contract.

What Should I Bring To The Home Design Appointment?

We love it when you bring magazine cutouts or pictures of homes/ideas you like. This helps us guide you in your selection process. Any thoughts, ideas and sketches you have are always welcomed. We can even follow your boards on Houzz or Pinterest ahead of time so we have a good feel for what you love most.

Is It Okay To Visit My Home While It’s Under Construction?

Building a new home is an exciting process. Your safety and the safety of our contractors is our top priority. A site visit can be scheduled with our Site Coordinator, as long as it’s safe for you to enter the property. As a safety measure, all work must stop when you are at the property.

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