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New Custom Home Construction in Cape Coral

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Creating the home of your dreams is a major decision and should be an exciting experience with the right builder. Whether your taste is to build a home that has a more traditional style or you are seeking a home that is contemporary and sleek in design, we take a consultative approach that allows you to partner with us to create a space you love. We guarantee that you will receive first class service through the concept creation, designing, planning, and delivery stages of building your dream home.

Our 6-Step Design Build Process allows us to get to know every client and determine their style and wishes for their dream home, as well as to make sure we are the perfect fit as their preferred builder. It is because of this process that we are able to provide exquisite homes for our customers that match their every want and need! We are continually setting the bar higher for industry standards in custom and semi-custom home building by keeping the quality of the homes we build as our first priority.

Paul Beattie, Owner of Beattie Development and license holder, is personally involved in every step of the process to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services. Because of his dedication you will receive individualized attention throughout the entire Design Build process.

Whatever your construction project entails, Paul is always present to make sure his team is delivering the best product at the best value that will exceed your expectations. We don’t just build homes, we build relationships!

Ready to take the next step in building the home of your dreams?

New Home Collections

The Premiere Collection
Includes: The Santa Ana, The Cambridge, The Windsong, The Princess & The Calista
The Simple Elegance Collection
Includes: The Villa, The Essence, The Vista, The Essence 2, The Luxus, The Luxus 6, & The Vintage
The RRB Collection
Includes: The Maci, The Jaxon, The Eva, The Reese, The Ross, & The Arthur
Move-in Ready Homes
Includes: The Maci, The Jaxon, The Eva, The Reese, The Ross, & The Arthur

All New Homes Come With Our Warranty

Buying a newly constructed home often becomes the most expensive purchase you will ever make and one that you will want to protect. High on your shopping list should be selecting a builder who provides a new home structural defect warranty. Beattie Development is a member of one of the strongest national warranty companies, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW).

2-10 HBW Member

As a member, you can rest assure we have the experience and financial stability.

Buy With Confidence

2-10 HBW conducts careful inspections not only on us but also our subcontractors

10 Years Warranty

From the date of closing you will have coverage for 10 years on qualified structural defects.

Peace Of Mind You Can Trust

2 full years of systems surety coverage & 1 full year of surety coverage

Value Added

Fully-transferrable instantly increasing the resale value of your home.

And So Much More

Call us with questions about any part of the warranty

The New Home Building Process Is Difficult
Beattie Development Will Make It Fun & Easy!


Choosing to build instead of buying a resale home is already a big decision in itself. Once you’ve made that choice, you then encounter an even bigger decision, which builder do you hire? You might be thinking with the amount of builders there are in Southwest Florida that any of them can build your dream home, but that really is not the case. Building a home is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life, making it a personal one. New home building is a chaotic process with overwhelming choices that need to be made and one that requires patience, but a supportive homebuilder with a great attitude and work ethic can make this an enjoyable and positive experience for you.

Finding A Custom Home Builder in Cape Coral FL

Why should you work with us?

•    Quality is our priority – A custom home is one where you’ll raise your children, you’ll entertain during the holidays, a home in which you’ll make a lifetime of memories. It’s not a temporary residence for you, so we aren’t going to build it with materials that won’t last. We only use high quality materials from the ground up to build your dream home.

•    Communication is important to us – Our consultative approach allows us to learn about your wants and needs, as well as share our suggestions. We will provide you with an estimate and a projected timeline, and talk through any changes with you that may come up along the way. If we run into any issues, because let’s be honest, there will more than likely be a few bumps in the road that we’ll need to tackle, we will be upfront about it. We will do our best to be prompt with any questions you have throughout the process, and to keep you as updated as possible throughout the various design and construction stages.

•    You can trust us – Our team is comprised of qualified and experienced individuals who are fully committed to bringing your vision to life. When you become a client of ours, you can trust that we will make ourselves fully accessible to you and that no job is finished until you are satisfied.

•    We’re Luxury Home Builders – Many custom home developers focus on building quick communities with cookie-cutter designs so they can save money on bulk materials. If you’re looking for a house that’s customized to your personality and lifestyle so it feels like a HOME, you need a custom home builder with a high-level of skill and one that truly cares to get to know you. Beattie Development is not only experienced in building homes with high quality materials and décor, but we’ll interact with you directly, building a relationship that’ll last beyond the design & build process.

We want to build you your dream home in Cape Coral, Florida, one that is perfect for your family. This process is just as important to us as it is to you. Should you choose to hire us to build your home we can assure you that you will not be disappointed!


New Home Construction in Cape Coral Florida

Looking to buy a home in Cape Coral, but aren’t sure whether a newly built home or an existing house is right for you? You’re not alone. Big decisions like buying a home can be stressful and confusing, so we’re here to help.

Deciding to buy real estate and hunting for a previously-owned home that fits your size, style, location, and price requirements can be very time consuming and potentially fruitless. The home that’s right for you just might not be on the market. Additionally, there’s more risk involved with buying a used home. Despite the ability (with cost) to have the home inspected for things like bug infestation, mold, and moisture, you may not be able to accurately predict the longevity/quality of many home management expense points such as maintenance and replacement of appliances, carpets, and exterior surfaces like stucco and siding. All this doesn’t even consider the potential headaches of logistics in transition from selling your current residence to buying your new home. It can be a nail-biting and nauseating juggling act with packing, movers, hotels, and withdrawn bids.

Instead, consider what benefits there are in buying a new construction home or even a custom home build. New homes tend to offer:

  • Customization
    Whether you’re planning a new build or looking to own a newly built home within a young housing development, you likely have many options for customization to tailor your new living spaces to your style. Many home builders allow buyers to participate in the process of designing their property, for example, you could choose colors, textures, and patterns for walls and floors throughout the home, maybe even on the home’s exterior surfaces. If you’re planning a new construction, you can even customize the home’s layout and flor plans. Additionally, you likely have a choice of location, selecting from the remaining open lots in a new development or from the unsold homes in a newly built community.
    Beattie Development wants your new home to be your dream home. We are experts at customization, learn more about our custom home options here.
  • Modern Technology
    New homes are equipped with current technology and new appliances, most of which are likely “Green” energy efficient models. This not only helps to reduce utility bills but also greatly postpone the possibility of maintenance and repair costs that existing home buyers may face even within their first year of ownership. Lack of additional cost and headaches aren’t the only benefit of a newly built home’s technology, there’s a clear aesthetic and functional value in owning a technologically advanced home, from interactive devices like entertainment systems to programmable thermostats and home security systems.
  • No Initial Maintenance & Repairs
    As mentioned above, buying a new build home affords the luxury of reliable appliances—new models that could perform without issue for many years. That peace of mind goes beyond the home’s technology. Previously-owned houses sold from the real-estate market tend to have visible wear and tear, and whether out of necessity or for reasons of comfort or aesthetics might require replacement of carpet, flooring, coats of paint and the like.
  • Warrantied with Peace of Mind
    Clearly buying a used home has risks in terms of quality and durability. New construction homes usually come with a warranty that covers the home from the date of closing. The coverage we offer is a 10-year structural defect warranty from 2-10 HBW, the best in coverage and protection. It’s fully-transferrable which increases the resale value of your home. And all of this warranty coverage is paid for by us, Beattie Development. Learn more about our warranty here.
  • Safety
    Older homes can carry more risk than just maintenance and repair costs, they can be less safe than new construction houses. During different time periods in home construction history the quality and types of materials used has drastically changed. Some building materials previously thought of as ideal are now considered inferior and even dangerous such as Asbestos. Other aspects such as electrical wiring could be out of ‘code’ as the older materials weren’t designed to handle modern usage levels and could be breaking down with age and wear. Situations like this could lead to fire hazards, structural issues, susceptibility to weather damage, and even a lesser resistance to burglary. New construction homes tend to use more advanced materials than what older homes had available during their building phase.

New Construction Homes for Sale

While it may seem like new construction is the ideal choice, there are lots of lifestyle factors to consider including size and budget. Browse our different Cape Coral home styles and consider our Move-In Ready New Construction Homes as well. Then, contact us so we can discuss the best new home options for you.

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If you need more information about the SW Florida area and would like to learn more about how we can help build your next dream home today, then give us a call or send us an online contact request.

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